Predictable & Reliable Transportation

All-day, every-day bus rapid transit service along METRO Gold Line BRT will enable residents to make different transportation choices. Predictable, reliable trips make it easier to get from Point A to Point B, regardless of when – or where – you’re on the move. The options are endless – go to the doctor’s office, run errands, get groceries, or commute to work. And with a downtown Saint Paul station at Union Depot, connecting to the METRO Green Line, and ultimately the METRO Blue Line, will only take you further, providing even more possibilities.

See what BRT has done for Grand Rapids.

Silver Line one-year anniversary

Easy Connections Give Access to the Region

As the regional transit system grows, so do the possibilities for transit users. This map shows the Metropolitan Council’s vision of how people might easily move through the area on fast buses, light rail and commuter rail.

2040-TPP-Map Gateway What is BRT