Jobs and Economic Development

Economic development will look different to each city and station area along METRO Gold Line BRT, but there’s lots of potential with bus rapid transit. Whether it’s enticing businesses who want to provide their employees transportation options, giving students an alternative way to get to class, or considering public place-making, it doesn’t have to be a one size or type fits all situation. Some communities may want to see more development, others less, but there’s flexibility to respond to each city’s character and personality.

See how BRT helped shape Cleveland.

Transforming Cleveland through BRT

Job Growth Requires Transportation Alternatives

The map shows a few of the business and higher education centers along the Gold Line. Reliable, stress-free transit that brings people to work and school are some of the reasons area business associations support this transit solution. Business backers include Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce, Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce, East Side Area Business Association, and East Metro Strong.