Station Development

Initial work on for Gold Line Station Area Planning is underway. Please check back for updated information.

Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

A health impact assessment (HIA) has been completed for the Gateway Corridor, to assess health impacts of land use around each of the proposed Gateway stations as a part of the Gateway bus rapid transit (BRT) project.

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What is the HIA?

We are engaging the Gateway Corridor Commission’s Community Advisory Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, Policy Advisory Committee, and the Living Healthy in Washington County and Ramsey County/Saint Paul committees.

The HIA will use input from targeted community engagement to decide on several “health indicators” that are important to the corridor and will help to inform station area planning efforts, local land use controls, and comprehensive plan updates.

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Final Report Documents

Gateway HIA Project Summary

Gateway HIA Final Report

HIA Study Documents

Gateway HIA Information Sheet

Results of Indicator Engagement

Next Steps for HIA Analysis

Special Thanks

The Gateway Corridor Commission is grateful to the Health Impact Project, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, with funding from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation for a $100,000 grant supporting this assessment.

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