Overview: Phase 3 Refinements, Sun Ray

This is an overview of the Sun Ray station area Phase 3 refined circulation and development plans. See PDF here.


From community input in October 2017, the following objectives were identified for this station area:

  • Create a safe station environment
  • Promote compatible development
  • Ensure safe walking and biking within the station area
  • Manage traffic speed on Old Hudson Road
  • Consider additional crossings of I-94 to the station

The Phase 3 draft circulation and development plans address the following:

  • Phasing: Maintain existing viable uses, Cub Foods and others
  • Multi-modal Transit Center: Identify a long-term site near the BRT station
  • Plazas and parks: Identify amenities for improving livability next to I-94
  • Connectivity: Identify walking and biking routes, especially to 3M

Sun Ray “Mixed-use Neighborhood” Station

Station “typologies” reflect the complementary role between stations along the corridor and inform the type and intensity of transit-oriented development that should be emphasized in each station’s development plan.

Station typologies respond to station-specific conditions, community desires, and adopted policies and plans while being consistent with best practices for transit-oriented development. Assigning a station typology to each station area considers site conditions, market conditions, and demographics.

Based on these factors, each of the 10 stations along the corridor was assigned one of four types as described below:

  • Neighborhood: Established residential areas with fewer opportunities for transit-oriented infill or development
  • Mixed-use Neighborhood: A mix of higher density affordable and market rate multi-family housing, street-oriented commercial uses, and neighborhood-scale employment is achievable and fostered
  • Employment: Established employment centers that provide family-wage jobs and high transit ridership opportunities
  • Commerce: Established commercial centers that serve the corridor and region

The Sun Ray station is a “Mixed-use Neighborhood” station, providing:

  • Mixed use destination for the Saint Paul BRT corridor segment
  • Phased approach for redevelopment of the shopping center

Station Location and Guideway Design Refinements (May 2018)

At the Sun Ray Station, the proposed BRT bus route (exclusive, bus-only lanes) is to be located along the north side of Interstate 94 and south of Old Hudson Road.

The station would be located east of Pederson Street between Ruth Street and McKnight Road. It will consist of a 20-foot wide center platform.

Station access improvements will include:

  • Crosswalks
  • New sidewalks on Pedersen Street
  • A walk + bike trail along Old Hudson Road
  • Potential sound wall/snow wall between the BRT station platform and I-94

Phase 3 Draft Circulation Plan

Circulation refinements include a walk and bike trail on Pedersen Street that links community activity centers, the Transit Center, and the BRT station.

A full complement of walk and bike improvements form a “loop” north and south of I-94 that emphasize safe and direct access to the station and other destinations within 1/2 mile of the Sun Ray BRT station.

These are described and shown on the map and additional illustrations below.

Station access route, 3rd Street bike lanes (A on the map)

Potential 3rd Street bike lanes connect the BRT station to residential areas, Harding High School, and the Conway Recreation Center and Sun Ray library


Station access route, Pedersen Street trail (A on the map)

Potential widened sidewalks a bike-walk trail on the east side of the street connect the existing Sun Ray Transit Center, the Sun Ray Library, and Conway Recreation Center to the Sun Ray BRT station

Corridor trail, Old Hudson Road segment (B on the map)

Potential improvements along the north side of Old Hudson Road include the walk and bike trail on the north side, connecting the BRT station to destinations such as the Sun Ray Shopping Center and the 3M campus


Corridor trail, Ruth Street bridge segment (B on the map)

Potential Ruth Street Bridge improvements include the walk and bike trail on the east side of bridge, connecting the BRT station and Sun Ray Shopping Center to destinations south of I-94 such as grocery stores and continuing on the corridor trail along Suburban Avenue


Existing and planned walk and bike routes

The City’s Bicycle Plan designates improvements on Ruth Street (bike lanes), Wilson Avenue/Old Hudson Road/Hazel Street (bike markings in roadway), Burns Avenue (bike lanes), and McKnight Road (walk + bike trail).

Phase 3 Draft Development Plan

The potential land use concept below shows the location of uses that support a safe and active BRT station environment, enhance BRT ridership and capitalize on the station area’s proximity to I-94, and support access to BRT.

The Sun Ray BRT station and potential plaza and park amenities encourage future development, including:

  • Shopping center redevelopment into a mixed-use neighborhood with multi-family housing, employment, and retail/commercial uses
  • A new street grid with enhanced opportunities to walk and bike to neighborhood uses, and safe and direct access to the Sun Ray station
  • A Pederson Street park and plaza surrounded by multi-family housing and ground-floor commercial uses create an active street
  • Long-term park and ride and Transit Center near the Sun Ray BRT station

Map key:

  • The areas in red would support existing and potential future retail and commercial development in a mix of existing and new buildings oriented to a new street
  • The areas in orange could support future apartments, condominiums, or offices
  • The areas indicated could be a public park and plaza to support existing and future development