Overview: Phase 2 BRTOD Concept Alternatives, Mounds Boulevard

This overview includes Phase 2 station area alternatives for the station location and guideway, pedestrian and bicycle access, and transit-supportive land use concepts (PDF version). 

Phase 2 Alternatives: Station Access

The proposed walk and bike connections emphasize safe and direct access to the station and other destinations within a 1/2-mile of the Mounds Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Station. Station access concepts are described and shown on the map below, followed by additional images.


3rd Street Trail (A on the map): Potential walk and bike improvements connect the neighborhood to the station at Mounds Boulevard



Maria Avenue & 6th Street curb extensions and bike markings in roadway (B on the map): Potential improvements connect Metropolitan State University transit riders to the station and link City designated existing and planned bike improvements on Margaret Street and Euclid Street


Mounds Boulevard trail (C on the map): A walk + bike trail links the station to neighborhoods, the corridor trail, and Indian Mounds Parks south of I-94


Corridor-wide walk and bike trail (D on the map): Enhancements to existing Indian Mounds Park trails connect to a new two-way bikeway on Burns Avenue between Highway 61 and Kennard Street at the Etna Station

Existing and planned walk and bike routes (light blue lines on the map): City’s Bicycle Plan designates improvements on Margaret Street, Euclid Street, and Forest Street

Phase 2 Alternatives: Potential Redevelopment Opportunity

The land use concept identifies the location of uses that support a safer and more active BRT station environment, enhance BRT ridership and illustrates a vision for redevelopment based on the adopted station area zoning.

  • New multi-family housing along 3rd Street and Maria Avenue provide additional housing opportunities close to transit and an active 3rd Street environment with windows and doors facing the street
  • A commercial node at 3rd Street and Maria Avenue capitalizes on drive-by traffic on 3rd Street and transit patrons moving to and from the station into the neighborhood

Mounds Blvd, potential redevelopment: Looking at the graphic and illustration below, redevelopment of vacant and underutilized properties provides the opportunity to enhance the value of an existing properties with new commercial storefronts and multi-family housing. New neighborhood-serving businesses provide activity near the station, promote a safe station environment, and serve the neighborhood and transit patrons.

Phase 2 Alternatives: Destinations

Looking at the METRO Gold Line BRT route and the two destination maps below, note the wide variety of destinations along the corridor that will be accessible via the Gold Line BRT after it opens in 2024. One of the key benefits of the Gold Line BRT is to provide more convenient access to destinations such as bike routes, restaurants, shopping, recreation and fitness, entertainment and sports, classes and education, meetings and appointments, and transit connections.