Overview: Phase 3 Refinements, Maplewood

This is an overview (PDF) of the Maplewood station area Phase 3 refined circulation and development plans.


From community input in May and June 2018, the following objectives were identified for this station area:

  • Ensure safe walking and biking to station
  • Provide a direct I-94 pedestrian/bike bridge to the station
  • Maintain and enhance access to open space and trails
  • Manage traffic speed and congestion at arterial intersections

The Phase 3 refined circulation and development plans address the following:

  • Safety: A highly visible and active station
  • Connectivity: Walking and biking routes connect neighborhoods and 3M to the station, Battle Creek Park, and Sun Ray Shopping Center
  • Housing: Opportunities to increase affordable housing
  • Jobs: A station located at the front door to 3M

Maplewood: Employment Station

Station “typologies” reflect the complementary role between stations along the corridor and inform the type and intensity of transit-oriented development that should be emphasized in each station’s development plan.

Station typologies respond to station-specific conditions, community desires, and adopted policies and plans while being consistent with best practices for transit-oriented development. Assigning a station typology to each station area considers site conditions, market conditions, and demographics.

Based on these factors, each of the 10 stations along the corridor was assigned one of four types as described below:

  • Neighborhood: Established residential areas with fewer opportunities for transit-oriented infill or development
  • Mixed-use Neighborhood: A mix of higher density affordable and market rate multi-family housing, street-oriented commercial uses, and neighborhood-scale employment is achievable and fostered
  • Employment: Established employment centers that provide family-wage jobs and high transit ridership opportunities
  • Commerce: Established commercial centers that serve the corridor and region

The Maplewood station is an “Employment” station, providing:

  • 3M campus
  • Maplewood neighborhoods
  • Battle Creek Regional Park

See below for map of typologies for all station areas.

Station Location and Guideway Design Refinements (September 2018)

At the Maplewood Station, the proposed BRT bus route will is to be located along the north side of I-94 and north of Hudson Road between McKnight Road and Century Avenue.

Station access improvements will include:

  • Crosswalks
  • A walk and bike trail along Hudson Road
  • BRT and trail bridge crossings at McKnight Road and Century Avenue
  • New sidewalk to 3M headquarters building

Phase 3 Draft Circulation Plan

Below is a description of the refined circulation plan.

  • A corridor walk and bike trail ensures safe and direct access between the station and 3M
  • BRT and trail bridges provide safe access across busy McKnight Road and Century Avenue and links to stations at Sun Ray Shopping Center and Greenway Avenue
  • The Maplewood Bridge connects neighborhoods south of I-94 to the station and serves as a gateway from the north to Battle Creek Regional Park
  • Within 1/2 mile of the station, Conway Avenue, Upper Afton Road sidewalks, and bike lanes connect neighborhoods to trails along McKnight Road and Century Avenue

Corridor walk and bike trail (B on the map above)

Improvements along the BRT guideway north of Hudson Road link to the Sun Ray Station and Greenway Avenue Station with BRT and trail crossings at McKnight Road and Century Avenue.

Maplewood Bridge (MB on the map above)

A walk and bike bridge connects the station to Battle Creek Regional Park and safe and provides direct access over I-94.

The bridge incorporates the woodlands and prairies of Battle Creek Regional Park and buffers walkers and bikers from the freeway. Interpretive signage and monuments mark the history of Battle Creek and tell the story of 3M innovation and the founding of the City of Maplewood.

Sterling Street trail (C on the map above)

Connects the Maplewood bridge to Upper Afton Park and trails to Battle Creek Regional Park.


Conway Avenue bike lanes (C on the map above)

Provides neighborhood access around 3M and connects to trails along McKnight Road and Century Avenue.

Phase 3 Draft Development Plan

The draft Maplewood Station Development Plan includes transit-oriented employment, regional park recreational amenity, and transit-supportive mixed-use commercial and multi-family uses that contribute to an Employment Station typology.

3M: 3M is a stable base of employment and transit riders with an estimated 12,000 jobs on the 400-acre campus. The Headquarters Building located adjacent to the station includes the largest concentration of employees.

Battle Creek Regional Park: The park is an amenity for 3M employees and nearby neighborhoods, and a regional attraction and destination providing a family-oriented aquatic center, walking, hiking trails, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and picnic facilities.

Mixed-use Community: Underutilized and auto-oriented commercial parcels along Century Avenue (north and south of I-94) provide opportunities for a mix of transit-oriented commercial and multi-family (market rate and affordable) residential development.

To support transit-oriented development, City policy updates and future regulatory changes and plan approvals should:

  • Foster affordable housing at Comprehensive Plan designated mixed-use community sites
  • Ensure that future 3M buildings are oriented and linked to the BRT station
  • Ensure siting of any new Battle Creek Regional Park facilities are linked to the identified station access routes