Overview: Phase 2 BRTOD Concept Alternatives, Maplewood

This overview includes Phase 2 station area alternatives for the station access concepts, along with information about key destinations along the Gold Line BRT and the potential for improved access to Battle Creek Regional Park on the south side of I-94.  

Phase 2 Alternatives: Station Access Concepts

The three primary circulation elements emphasize safe and direct access to the station, and connections to and from destinations outside the 1/2-mile station radius along the Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor. The station access concepts include:

  • Multiuse Trail: A walking and biking trail adjacent to the Hudson Road BRT route.
  • Primary Access Route: A walk/bike bridge over I-94 to the station and Sterling Street Trail with potential extension south of Brookview Drive to Battle Creek Regional Park/Upper Afton Park.
  • Neighborhood Access Routes: Nearby streets supporting walking, biking, and auto access around the 3M campus to the BRT station, and to destinations within 1/2-mile of the station.

Phase 2 Alternatives: Destinations

Looking at the METRO Gold Line BRT route and the destination map below, note the wide variety of destinations along the corridor that will be accessible via the Gold Line BRT after it opens in 2024.

Another key destination is Battle Creek Regional Park. Located directly south of the planned 3M-Maplewood BRT station (see map below), it has miles of trails (walk, regular and mountain bike, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing), picnic facilities, a play area scheduled for expansion to include activities for children and adults, and a potential future disc golf course. The potential walk-bike bridge across I-94 would significantly improve access from the north.