Station-area plans being finalized for Gold Line transit corridor

January 28, 2019

With planning well underway for the Gold Line bus rapid transit corridor, station-area plans are beginning to wrap up, serving to lead potential future development along the corridor.

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Gold Line plans now include downtown loop

December 13, 2018

The proposed Gold Line will include a loop through downtown St. Paul, the Metropolitan Council announced Thursday.

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Locations of Gold Line transit stations being refined, public feedback sought

November 18, 2018

City planners are looking to amend plans regarding a Gold Line transit station near White Bear Avenue.

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Gold Line bus-rapid transit to offer six stops in downtown St. Paul

November 1, 2018

Gold Line bus rapid transit service should snake through downtown St. Paul. serving major employment hubs and entertainment and cultural hot spots, an advisory committee decided Thursday.

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Gold Line seeks public input about St. Paul extension

October 4, 2018

Should the Gold Line bus route include a two-mile loop through downtown St. Paul?

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Should the Gold Line bus loop through downtown St. Paul or end at Union Depot?

October 4, 2018

Transit advocates disagree where the east metro transit line should stop in St. Paul.

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St. Paul City Council members lean in favor of Gold Line’s downtown loop

October 4, 2018

Two St. Paul City Council members say they’re leaning in favor of having the Gold Line make a 2-mile loop through downtown St. Paul.

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Lose the Loop? Gold Line officials torn over downtown rapid-transit bus route

October 2, 2018

Gold Line officials are facing a decision: Love the loop, or lose the loop.

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Latest Gold Line plan adds downtown St. Paul loop, Woodbury park and ride

August 3, 2018

Plans for bus rapid transit between St. Paul and Woodbury are getting bigger – with a loop of almost two miles through downtown St. Paul.

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Tiny mobile home city of Landfall warily awaits Gold Line bus-rapid transit

July 31, 2018

For Mayor Stan Suedkamp, the tiny mobile home city of Landfall is a little-known – and unusually affordable – gem in Washington County that will only get better when mass transit comes to town.

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Picking up speed on the east metro’s Gold Line

July 5, 2018

Advocates behind the east metro transit line that’s furthest down the road to completion have a new name: Gold Line Partners.

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Gold Line bus rapid transit wins critical federal approval

January 19, 2018

Dedicated busway along I-94 to Woodbury would be a first in Minnesota.

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East Metro’s transit time is coming

January 19, 2018

As long time readers of NewsCut might recall, I’ve wanted mass transit to the Woodbury bureau almost since the day I moved to the great state of Minnesota 26 years ago.

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With rapid bus line on drawing board, developer shifts plans for site in Oakdale

January 18, 2018

Scannell grabs the only vacant land along rapid bus route planned east of downtown St. Paul.

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Mark Dayton backs funding for zoos, I-694 interchange, other east metro projects

Jan. 4, 2017

Gov. Mark Dayton’s record spending proposal for public works includes more than $180 million for projects in the east metro area.

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Letter: Consider faster, safer travel offered by bus-rapid transit

Dec. 4, 2016

As a group of college students at the University of Minnesota, we ask the citizens of Woodbury to consider the benefits of public transit for the younger members of Washington County.

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Gold Line gets green light from Oakdale, Woodbury

Dec. 1, 2016

The Gold Line will soon move into a deeper planning phase following Woodbury and Oakdale’s approvals of the new bus rapid transit (BRT) route.

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Gold Line route takes first big step to end in Woodbury

Oct. 13, 2016

The proposed Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) took its first step in turning south into Woodbury.

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New Route Proposed for Gold Line in East Metro

Aug. 19, 2016

A new route has been proposed for a Bus Rapid Transit line that would connect the east metro region.

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New Gold Line alternative route take a turn south in Woodbury

Aug. 18, 2016

For the Gold Line bus project, Lake Elmo’s loss could be Woodbury’s gain.

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Transit planners regrouping on Gold Line busway after taking hits

May 12, 2016

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Commentary: Minnesota businesses need transit, and we need it now

May 6, 2016

As CEOs of the Twin Cities’ major employers, we ask legislators to seize this opportunity.

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Editorial: A vision for growth and transit in the east metro

March 31, 2016

A new report says we need more transit investment to make the most of it and secure our future.

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A bus line far in St. Paul’s future caught the eye of some developers

March 3, 2016

Developers are pitching a complex near an expected bus rapid transit project.

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Lake Elmo Reverses Course, Rejects Proposed Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit Project in Split Vote

Jan. 20, 2016

A future alignment for the eastern-most segment of the Gateway Corridor transit line is uncertain after the Jan. 5 vote cast by the Lake Elmo City Council to block passage of the public transportation system in the city.

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Washington County Receives Grants for Red Rock, Gateway BRT Projects

Jan. 13, 2016

Washington County received two grants that will help fund preparations for the Gateway Corridor and Red Rock Corridor bus rapid transit projects.

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Red Rock Corridor Plans Coming Along

Jan. 10, 2016

East Side residents could one day use a bus rapid transit line to go to jobs in Cottage Grove.

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Lake Elmo Votes Not to be Served by the Gold Line; What’s Next?

Jan. 7, 2016

On January 6, the Lake Elmo City Council voted not to be on the Gateway Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line that would connect the East Metro region with new, modern transportation options. The 3-2 vote takes the city out of further planning for the line. Last fall, the City Council supported planning for the line generally, and planning for routes through Lake Elmo specifically, 5-0.

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Metro Briefs: Gold Line Receives Grants from Metro Counties

Jan. 2, 2016

The Gold Line bus rapid transit project has received two grants worth $6.75 million from the Counties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB), the five-county cooperative that funds transit from sales and motor vehicle taxes.

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