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June 27 Station Area Plans Complete, Public engagement informs station design


June 26 Gateway Corridor Commission becomes Gold Line Partners

Feb. 16 Community Members Sought to Help with Gold Line BRT

Jan. 22 Gold Line enters project development phase of the federal New Starts program


Sept. 29 Meetings in D.C., lessons from Eugene, OR, and transition to Met Council management

Jan. 4 RELEASE: Statement regarding Gold Line BRT in Governor Dayton’s bonding recommendations


Nov. 4 Deadline approaching for public comments on Gold Line BRT route

Sept. 28 Your chance to weigh in – online or in-person – on BRT routes in Oakdale and Woodbury

Sept. 9 Governor Dayton weighs in with support for Gold Line BRT

Aug. 25 Gateway Gold Line considers new BRT route in Oakdale and Woodbury

June 22 Tell us how you’d like to use transit in the East Metro

May 10 Process beginning to determine eastern route for Gold Line BRT

Feb. 9 FAQs—Crime, Property Values and BRT

Jan. 22 Gateway Commission to Explore Options for East End

Jan. 8 Eastern End of Gold Line Likely to Change as Project Moves Forward


Dec. 29 Gold Line Receives Grants, Legislative Visitors

Sep. 9 We want to hear from you

Aug. 26 FAQs with Gateway Corridor Chair Lisa Weik

Aug. 18 Open House, Public Hearing

Jun. 17 No Gateway Funding from Special Session

May 7 End of Session Nears

Apr. 9 Sign up for April 14th Development Forum

Mar. 27 Legislative, Health Impact Activities Rev Up

Mar. 24 Legislative Action Alert – House Committee Meeting Wednesday

Mar. 4 Legislative Action Alert – Senate Hearing in Woodbury Thursday

Feb. 24 Governor, Met Council Explore the Corridor

Feb. 5 Input Requested on Health Worksheet


Dec. 24 $3 Million Request Headed to the Capitol

Nov. 11 New Grant Supports Corridor Work

Oct. 10 Locally Preferred Alternative Adopted

Aug. 25 Locally Preferred Alternative Moves Forward

Aug. 1 Attend the August 7 Public Hearing

Jul. 18 BRT Selected Over LRT

Jul. 3 Orange Line Tour Encourages Visitors

May 30 Recognition from U.S. President, Legislature

May 6 Legislative Action Alert – Bonding Bills Head to the Floor

Apr. 4 Scoping Period Closing Soon

Mar. 17 Your Participation is Welcome in Scoping Period

Feb. 28 Legislators, Business People Meet to Discuss Bonding

Jan. 17 Open House Feb. 6


Nov. 26 New Video Available

Oct. 16 Bonding, Alignments and Other Updates

Aug 22. 1st CAC Meeting Next Week

Jul. 15 Deadline this Friday

Jun. 28 News from the Gateway Corridor Commission

May 20 News from the Gateway Corridor Commission