*Future milestones will be shared on the Metro Transit Gold Line Project website.



  • In January, management of the METRO Gold Line BRT project transitioned to the Metropolitan Council, in order to begin work on design, engineering, environmental, and further community engagement. The Gold Line Partners continue to advocate for this important east metro transitway.


  • In January, Governor Mark Dayton included Gateway Gold Line BRT in his bonding recommendations. News Release


  • In December, following further technical analysis and public feedback, the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) and Gateway Corridor Commission approve a route, formally called a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA).


  • $1 million grant from Federal Transit Administration for transit-oriented development planning – News Release
  • Second Development Forum held for policy and business leaders
  • $6.75 million in grants from Counties Transit Improvement Board – News Release


  • $100,000 grant for health impact assessment awarded from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, with funding from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation – News Release
  • President Obama puts Gateway Corridor in expedited review and permitting program, called the Federal Infrastructure Projects Permitting Dashboard – News Release
  • Minnesota Legislature approves bonding dollars for transitways; Gateway receives $2 million allocation – News Release
  • $1.32 million grant from the Counties Transit Improvement Board – News Release
  • Scoping Decision completed for Environmental Impact Statement
  • Locally Preferred Alternative completed, including selection of bus rapid transit – News Release


  • Draft Environmental Impact Study begins
  • Development Forum held for policy and business leaders – News Release


  • Alternatives Analysis is complete within two years


  • Gateway Corridor Commission forms