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Please send technical questions about METRO Gold Line to Metro Transit staff.

Lyssa Leitner, Transit Deputy Project Manager, METRO Gold Line BRT 
Washington County Public Works Department
11660 Myeron Road North
Stillwater, MN 55082

Phone: (651) 430-4300
Fax: (651) 430-4350

METRO Gold Line BRT stations are located in a wide range of community types and real estate markets. Cities along the route each have their own vision for the area surrounding the station(s). A larger planning effort is needed to tie these community visions together to form a cohesive plan for the entirety of the corridor.

Station Area Plans will:

  • Help communities define their own vision for a vibrant, transit-supportive station area
  • Make it easier for people to walk, bike, or drive to BRT stations
  • Enable communities to maximize economic development around BRT stations
  • Identify infrastructure investments and policy changes to support each city’s desired outcomes

Contribute your ideas about the station areas – station specific information is located on the Station Area Planning page.

Each phase of planning will ask a different type of question about the proposed plans, so be sure to visit the station area planning page to see the most updated questions and plans.

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