Alternative Analysis

In early 2013, the Gateway Corridor Commission wrapped up a Transit Alternative Analysis Study (AA), spanning nearly two years, which reviewed numerous options to improve transit in the I-94 corridor from downtowns in St. Paul and Minneapolis to western Wisconsin. After extensive analysis and considerable public involvement from business leaders and residents in the community, the Gateway Corridor Commission identified two options—a dedicated bus rapid transit (BRT) and a light rail transit (LRT) line along Hudson Road from St. Paul to Woodbury—as the best options for the region.

The next phase of the study—preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)—is underway. Through the process, BRT has emerged as the preferred mode of transit.


Study Materials 

Final AA Report

Draft Final Report Comments

Final Evaluation of Alternatives

August 2012 Project Update

Key Differences and Ranking of Alternatives

AA List of Outreach Meetings

Round 3 Open House Presentation

Round 3 Open House Public Comments

Round 2 Open House Presentation

Round 2 Open Houses Public Comments

Round 1 Open House Presentation

Round 1 Open Houses Public Comment

Goals and Objectives

AA Schedule and Process

Study Timeline

Decision-Making Process

Commuter Challenges

Transit Modes

Screening of Alignment Alternatives

Policy Advisory Committee

Technical Advisory Committee

Public Involvement Plan

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Review of Previous Studies Memo

Capital Cost Tech Memo

Environmental Tech Memo

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Travel Demand Tech Memo

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