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On the radar for 2012 in Washington County

Star Tribune | Kevin Giles and Joy Powell | December 31, 2011

A new St. Croix River bridge, perhaps? Plans for a commuter train on busy Interstate 94 past Woodbury? More crime-fighting tools? Rising taxes or shrinking government? The crystal ball for Washington County in 2012 shows a flurry of fiscal and policy decisions.

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County gets CTIB funds for priority transit projects

Stillwater Gazette | Hannah Johnson | December 15, 2011


The Counties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB) awarded $149.9 million in grants to transit projects throughout the region Wednesday morning.

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Gateway Corridor updates

Eastside Review | Kaitlyn Egan | December 8, 2011

(ST. PAUL, MN) – Incorporating stakeholder comments

Since the latest round of open houses in late July, the Gateway Corridor transit study team has been working to incorporate stakeholder comments into the eight transit alternatives and their corresponding station locations.

Gateway Corridor project manager Andy Gitzlaff said about 50 or 60 people came to the project’s St. Paul open house held at Metropolitan State University in July. “We had a lot of input,” he said.

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No light rail crossing for I-94 bridge

Finanace & Commerce | Matt M. Johnson | November 11, 2011

(ST. PAUL, MN) – Lack of space forces scaled-back plan

The future of public transit in the Interstate 94 corridor between Minnesota and Wisconsin shed a couple of “ifs” this week when transportation officials and consultants declared a dedicated St. Croix River crossing a no-go.

The Gateway Corridor Commission has decided if a light rail transit (LRT) line or bus rapid transit (BRT) line is built from the Twin Cities to the border, neither one will cross the I-94 St. Croix bridge.

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More east-metro bus options on the way soon, and in the future

Star Tribune | Jim Anderson | July 23, 2011

(ST. PAUL, MN) – Along with other transit modes, planners are aiming to ease traffic on Interstate 94.

Any commuter sitting in the slow-moving parking lot otherwise known as Interstate 94 at peak rush hour has likely thought at some point: Isn’t there a better way?

With the traffic problem on the main east metro thoroughfare to and from the Twin Cities only expected to get dramatically worse in the next 20 years, planners are working on both short- and long-term solutions to bring relief.

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8 transit options under review for Gateway Corridor

Finance & Commerce | Bill Clements | July 22, 2011

(ST. PAUL, MN) – Next system could run from Minneapolis to Eau Claire

Some 90,000 vehicles cross from Wisconsin into Minnesota along Interstate 94’s Gateway Corridor each day, according to recent studies. By the time the corridor reaches downtown St. Paul, the number of vehicles increases to 150,000. Population along the corridor, now estimated at 300,000, is growing fast.

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Public Participation Drives Station Locations and Route Changes in the Gateway Corridor

July 19, 2011

(STILLWATER, MN) – The Gateway Corridor Commission today released revised transit route options, along with possible station locations for the Gateway Corridor. The proposed transit options outline a plan to better connect the nearly 300,000 people living along the Gateway Corridor between the Twin Cities metro area and western Wisconsin.

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Board approves spending $40,000 for county’s share of study examining train and bus options on the congested route.

Star Tribune | Jim Anderson | June 18, 2011

(ST. PAUL, MN) – A study taking a broad view of future transit options to unclog chronic congestion along Interstate 94 east of the Twin Cities is getting a little broader.

Washington County, together with Ramsey County and the Metropolitan Council, is sharing the cost of an additional $100,000 to see whether a managed or MnPASS lane is a feasible option between St. Paul and Hudson, Wis., on I-94. The freeway is one of the most congested traffic routes in the Twin Cities.

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Mapping out traffic decongestion: Commission presents Gateway Corridor options for I-94 from Minneapolis to Eau Claire

Stillwater Gazette | Erik Sandin | February 25, 2011

(WOODBURY, MN) – Gateway Corridor Commission members made one point clear during a meeting Thursday evening at Woodbury City Hall. The proposed project is not close to moving dirt.

“We’re no where near a decision. The bulldozers are not ready to go,” said Stephanie Eiler, a commission consultant. Instead, Thursday’s session was held so the Gateway group could explain their study to citizens at the meeting and get their feedback.

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I-94 Transit proposals narrowed to seven

Star Tribune | Kevin Giles | February 16, 2011

(ST. PAUL, MN) –Some routes could veer through St. Paul neighborhoods, study concludes. Seven possible public transit proposals that name specific routes were unveiled Wednesday for Interstate 94 from the Twin Cities east to Wisconsin.

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Gateway Corridor Study Outlines Seven Possible Transit Options

Press Release | February 16, 2011

(STILLWATER, MN) – The Gateway Corridor Commission announced today seven possible transit options that will receive further detailed analysis in its Alternatives Analysis Study (AA). The study initially screened 20 potential options to determine the best mode and route for new transit along I-94, from downtown Minneapolis through Saint Paul and east to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

The seven possible transit options, which include express bus, light rail transit (LRT), bus-rapid transit (BRT) and commuter rail service, will be presented at a series of open houses in late February and early March. After receiving public feedback, the study team will look at possible station locations, service frequency and Park & Ride facilities. Those specifics will be presented to the public later this spring.

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St. Paul Area Chamber weighs in on Gateway Corridor

Saint Paul Legal Ledger Capitol Report | January 19, 2011

(ST. PAUL, MN) – In a little shove that adds some momentum to transit expansion along Interstate 94, the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce has officially joined the Gateway Corridor Commission as a non-voting member.

The St. Paul Area Chamber joins the Woodbury Chamber and Oakdale Business and Professional Association in supporting development of transit options along the Gateway Corridor, which runs from St. Paul east along I-94 to the border of Wisconsin – and possibly beyond.

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Gateway Corridor Picks Up Speed with St. Paul Chamber

Press Release | January 17, 2011

(STILLWATER, MN) – In a show of support and commitment by the east metro business community to the Gateway Corridor, the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce joined the Woodbury Chamber and the Oakdale Business and Professional Association in supporting one of the metro’s most important corridors. The St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce is the latest member of the Gateway Corridor Commission.

“I’m excited that the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce is joining the Gateway Corridor Commission in this effort,” said Commissioner Weik. “The partnership shows how important the Gateway Corridor is to future economic and job creation opportunities. It is extremely important that the entire Twin Cities metro, including the east metro, is competitive for job growth and connected by transit.”

The Gateway Corridor is currently undergoing an 18-month Alternatives Analysis Study that will determine the best transit mode and route from Minneapolis to Eau Claire. Approximately 20 possible routes are being reviewed. In the coming weeks, the number of routes will be reduced to handful and those will then be reviewed in greater detail. The public will be invited attend open houses in late February and early March at several locations along the corridor to learn about the possible modes and routes.